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What If...?

Why should you learn CPR and Why should you learn BreathWorks CPR® ?

What if this were you or someone you know and/or love? Do you know what to do? Learn CPR. Save a life. Why BreathWorks CPR® Because we specialize in CPR and First Aid for the lay responder. We'll provide you with the skills and the "know how" to perform.  No need to fear or panic. Enroll in a class today. You can do this.

This Won't Happen in a BreathWorks CPR® class.

In a BreathWorks CPR® class we offer an engaging, interactive, fun approach in learning CPR and First Aid. You Can Do This.

Some of our partners in crime are:

The notorious big guy, Ted, the manikin.

Our fast-paced, interactive Loop CPR game.

FUN, FUN, FUN is BreathWorks CPR®'s middle name. .


 Beat the Clock. Click Start,  BreathWorks Style.

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